Sine Wave Inverters

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Rugged DC/AC Sine-wave Inverters, AC/AC Phase & Frequency Converters
ABSOPULSE designs and manufactures custom and semi-cusom DC/AC sinewave inverters, AC/AC phase converters and AC/AC frequency converters. These units deliver sine wave output from 30VA to well over 15kVA, for 50, 60 or 400Hz applications. Standard AC-output units under 1kVA are housed in compact, vented, enclosed, conduction/convection cooled or fan cooled packages. Systems with higher output power are typically housed in modular 3U or 6U fan-cooled packages and are available in chassis-mount or 19´ rack-mount format. These modular designs facilitate shipping and on-site maintenance. The reliability of our products is based upon high quality designs, traditionally large headroom, the exclusive use of qualified-in components with many years of established reliability and compliance with relevant, application-specific safety and emissions standards. ABSOPULSE AC-output products meet the exacting standards of industrial automation, railway, military, marine, mining, utility, telecom, aviation ground support equipment and airborne applications.  
ABSOPULSE’s DC/AC Sine-wave Inverters, AC/AC Phase & Frequency Converters offer:
  • Inputs: 24Vdc, 48Vdc, 72Vdc, 110Vdc, 250Vdc or custom
  • Outputs: 115Vac or 230Vac (1-Phase); 208Vrms, 380Vrms or 400Vrms (3-Phase). Custom outputs available
  • Frequency: 50, 60 or 400Hz or custom
  • Single or three-phase designs
  • EMI filtering to meet any standard
  • Operating temperature ranges including -40ºC to +70ºC available
  • Full electronic protection
  • Unit/module fail alarms (form C contacts)
  • Remote shut down on certain units
  • Adjustment for output voltage and frequency
  • RoHS compliance
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