Power Systems (Plug-in)

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Rugged, Plug-in (Eurocard) Modules & Power Systems for 19″ or 23″
Rack-mount Applications: AC/DC, DC/DC & DC/AC

Rugged, industrial quality, plug-in (Eurocard) modules are the building blocks of ABSOPULSE´s power systems. These modules are available assembled in pre-wired 19″ or 23″ shelves or individually.

Our extensive range of AC/DC power supply, DC/DC converter and DC/AC inverter modules in plug-in (Eurocard) format are configured to meet the most exacting customer specificaitons.

Drawing on three decades of expertise, our electrical and mechanical teams are able to keep design costs low, even for complex, highly customized projects.

The reliability of our products is based upon high quality designs, traditionally large headroom, the exclusive use of qualified-in components with many years of established reliability and compliance with relevant, application-specific safety and emissions standards.

Over the past 30 years, ABSOPULSE’s power systems have been installed in numerous heavy-duty environments including railway, automotive, industrial automation, production plants, power utilities, mining, marine, telecomm and many others.


ABSOPULSE Power Systems with Plug-in Modules offer a range of features & options including:
  • Almost any input/output and mechanical configuration
  • N+1 redundant operation and hot-swap
  • Multiple outputs
  • Expandability – as power requirements increase, more modules can be added
  • Breakers (AC, battery & load)
  • Fused distribution panels
  • Alarm circuits e.g. Form C module fail alarm
  • Low battery disconnect, battery temperature compensation
  • Meters: digital or analogue for volt and/or current
  • LED indicators
  • Front panel adjustment
  • RoHS compliance

Datasheet (PDF)