ThingsPro® Gateway IoT

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Features and Benefits
  • Modbus polling engine with easy-to-use web-based UI for data acquisition from end devices in an industrial automation field site
  • Supports the MQTT IoT protocol to connect fieldbus data to your cloud-based IoT application
  • Built-in AWS IoT Device SDK with web interface to accelerate your IoT application development
  • Wireless manager handles the task of connecting your field devices to a wide area network (WAN)
  • RESTful API and Modbus API for access to all the software functions of ThingsPro Gateway


Amazon’s AWS IoT ( is a leading Internet of Things web service that provides users with a cloud platform and services for building IoT applications. Amazon not only manage’s your cloud storage infrastructure, they also make it easy for you to work with your connected devices and the data generated by those devices. Amazon’s AWS Greengrass ( software provides network security for managing connected devices.   Moxa provides an easy-to-use web interface and RESTful API for use with Moxa’s ThingsPro Software Suite, which can be integrated with AWS IoT to offer an intelligent data acquisition and device management software platform.   Moxa’s ThingsPro Gateway is an IIoT software platform that makes data acquisition easy by providing a web interface for configuring and managing Modbus data acquisition, LTE connectivity, and MQTT communication. This software turns eligible Moxa edge computersinto intelligent edge platforms that greatly reduce the effort needed to develop IIoT applications. With ThingsPro Gateway, you can build an edge-to-cloud data transmission and process platform that not only brings your raw or processed edge data back to your enterprise or cloud database, but also allows you to focus on developing software with Moxa’s RESTful API or Modbus API to build a smarter field site. In addition, you may install the AWS Greengrass Core directly on your IIoT Gateway Starter Kit for use with ThingsPro Gateway.   Note: The AWS Greengrass Core provides local services (e.g., storage), command, and control of AWS Greengrass devices running the AWS IoT Device SDK. See the AWS Greengrass FAQs( for the detailed technical dependencies required when using the AWS Greengrass Core. Moxa’s IIoT Gateway Starter Kit comes with the required software packages preinstalled, and meets the kernel configuration required by the AWS Greengrass Core.  

Additional Resources

Moxa Technical notes for ThingsPro: •  How to Build an IoT Application with Moxa’s ThingsPro and AWS IoT Service •  Getting Started with AWS IoT on Moxa UC-8100-LX Using Embedded C SDK •  How to Use ThingsPro Gateway to Publish Processed Edge Data to AWS IoT   Useful Resources from AWS: • AWS IoT SDKs and Tools • AWS Green Grass SDKs and Tools


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