OR Master without display

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Datasheet (PDF)
  • The station gives loud-speaking hands-free duplex communication from any location in the room- no one needs to leave their duty and all present staff can follow the conversation
  • High quality intercom station designed to meet the standards of demanding hospital environments
  • Excellent sound quality with 3´ loudspeaker and ultra-sensitive electret microphone
  • Hygienic, easily to clean and sterilize white Mylar covered faceplate
  • Splash protected when flush mounted
  • Fully equipped master station with access to all STENTOFON AlphaCom XE features

The Operation Room Master Station can be flush or surface mounted using tailored back boxes. The station is designed for ease of operation and excellent voice quality. The front is designed for use in hospital operating theaters and other clean rooms, the Mylar cover eliminates crevices and allows easy wipe-down sterilization. The surface tolerates all common washing and sterilization detergents.

Short call setup times allow instant contact with for instance labs, radiology and doctors for urgent consultation. The station will operate on all STENTOFON AlphaCom XE systems equipped with ASLT cards and gives users the quality and reliability required in critical situations. The STENTOFON AlphaCom XE is an advanced system with a high level of flexibility, audio quality, system management and supervision. Integration with other security and communication systems like access control, alarms, CCTV, public address and telephone systems is a key feature.