Heavy Duty Analog Telephones

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Datasheet (PDF)
  • Made for industrial environment
  • Full phone keypad plus special function keys
  • Good audio quality
  • Fluorescing buttons enhance correct dialling
  • Magnetic reed hook-switch gives minimal tear and wear
  • Powered by phone line
The STENTOFON Heavy Duty Analogue Telephone is made for environments that need a telephone which can withstand rough usage and treatment. The telephone is well suited for industrial usage  due to the thick aluminium casing, the stainless steel materials, the steel cable into the phone from bottom, and the fluorescing keypad. The telephone is easy to use with a full keyboard with large buttons. Function keys are for :
  • Redial (redials last number)
  • Store (storing speed dial numbers)
  • Pick (pushed before a key when using speed dial)
External ringer unit recommended  like the HB-90, HB-105 or CRB-7. Wall mounting plate in stainless steel is suitable for installations which do not give rear access to the phone.