KVM Switches and Extenders

Multiple Computer Control from Any Distance

KVM switches and extenders are devices that allow operators to share and control remote PCs, servers and virtual machines from their local workstations that consist of a single set of keyboard, mouse, monitors and other peripheral devices. Black Box has a broad portfolio of KVM solutions that support CATx, fiber or IP-based extension and sharing of various video, peripherals, audio and serial signals. From the desktop and data center to critical control rooms, our technology helps your team simplify processes and improve workflows.

Benefits of KVM Switches and Extenders

Multisystem Remote Access

Control multiple remote computers and operating systems from your workspace and improve productivity with efficient multitasking.

Lightning-Fast Switching

Switch between PCs, servers and virtual machines for improved workflows and quicker reaction times.

Extend Your Range

Extend video, peripheral and audio signals as far as you need them to go over CATx, fiber, IP or even the internet.

Protect Critical Hardware

Store computers in cleaner, quieter and more secure locations than your workspace.

Secure Resource Access

Restrict access to critical data and hardware and securely manage your organization’s KVM network.

Remote Administration

Remotely monitor, maintain and troubleshoot computers in data centers and server rooms on a BIOS level.

KVM Switching and Extension Product Portfolio

KVM Industry Applications

Broadcast & Media

Streamline operational workflows and provide reliable image quality


Improve HMI connectivity and production control monitoring

Public Safety

Provide operators with fast and intuitive access to critical applications and real-time information


Benefit from reliable real-time access to remote servers and visualization of critical traffic and passenger information

Military & Defense

Securely access and share critical IT resources and benefit from reliable operator control


Provide connectivity for medical imaging, remote servers and patient data access